Back to school!

So, after four years as a freelance photographer, I’ve given myself the treat of going back to school to study digital visualization at Campus i12 // Eksjö // Sweden. I love being a photographer, but working in the film-industry has always been a dream in the back of my mind. The first step has been made, and this is where I will be until graduation in 2017. I am very excited!

Feel free to follow my Instagram if you are interested in seeing glimps of my daily life here in Eksjö, which is probably the cutest town I have ever seen.

Memories on paper

In 2012 I was very lucky to meet a funny girl named Tonje while traveling in Africa. The year after I got the honor of photographing Tonje and Frode’s wedding, and afterwards I made them this book. I am so happy to see that the book is still on the coffee-table, ready to be enjoyed by anyone popping by. I really believe having images on paper are the way to keep the memories for the future, and I already had to battle the smallest member of the family for the book. I am sure she will love it in the future too. 

Roadside Norway

My newest project “Roadside Norway” is now available for viewing under the project-section. These images were shot over a course of three weeks last August, following the official tourist routes of the southern part of Norway. The images are bits and pieces of what you can experience when you follow these paths. The architecture and nature is truly breathtaking. I will gladly tell you where the places are if you contact me.

My main goal was to see as much of the architecture as possible. Norway has put a lot of money into building viewpoints and rest-stops the last years, and it really is uniquely built into the surrounding areas. It just naturally fits with the nature around. I didn’t go further north than Trondheim this time, but I can’t wait to go up north and follow the tourist routes up there as well.

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